Vierumäki Chalets

An easy holiday destination for the whole family - a short trip to Lahti's major events as well.

Prices include apartment-specific combo tickets.

Combo tickets

  • All those staying in the apartment can freely use the sports hall and the swimming pool during the holiday.
  • The sports hall is in use
    • 200 m running track (upper level)
    • tatami (upper level)
    • fitness boxing, gym, trx, aerobic equipment area (upper level)
    • trick corner (upper level)
    • gym for functional training (lower level)
  • Entitlement is confirmed by showing the combo ticket at the reception of the sports hall or swimming hall.
  • Tickets can be obtained when picking up the keys at the reception of Hotel Fennada. Return to the same place when the key is handed over.
  • If you need more information, contact reception (0300 870870).


Furthermore guests can buy breakfast at the Holiday Club Vierumäki reception at a reduced price. Read more here.

Get to know the destination and current information on Vierumäki's websiteand kuvapankki.

This is how you travel to the destination

  • Changeover day is Friday/Monday (full week Fri-Fri, halves Fri-Mon and Mon-Fri). Check-in at 4:00 p.m. and handing over at 12:00 p.m. Keys from Hotel Fennada's reception (Vierumäki's reception is open at Fennada from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and at night, i.e. from 10:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m. in Pihkala's coffee shop). Change dates and length of reservation may differ from normal, for example around public holidays - check the dates on the reservation form.
  • The nearest train station is located in Lahti, from where you can take a bus in front of the HC Vierumäki hotel. Bus routes and timetables here.
  • Parking spaces are included in the price (1 per apartment) and are located at the end of the house. Access the area with a key card.

Memo list for the holidays

Before the holidays
  • The exchange day is Friday/Monday (full week Fri-Fri, halves Fri-Mon and Mon-Fri). Check-in at 16:00 and check-out at 12:00. Check the dates on your booking confirmation.
  • Inform the number of guests on the reservation form, bedding and combo tickets are available depending on the number of guests.
  • Declare a possible pet on the booking form (apartment A4433, €40).
On holiday
  • The apartments have cooling pumps, just use the COOL function (the pump also has a heating function, but it is blocked during the installation phase). Instructions for use can be found in the cleaning cabinet.
  • Garbage bins can be found next to the parking lot, at the end of the house.
  • Outdoor equipment storage and equipment maintenance facilities can be found on the lowest floor.
  • The house's shared gas bottle can be found in the equipment maintenance warehouse for the yard grill.
  • The key to the car's heating pole can be found on the coat rack in the front of the apartment.
  • When you leave, put the trash in the trash and take the food you brought with you.
  • Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start the washing program, the cleaner will empty the machine during the changeover cleaning.
  • Return the key cards and combo tickets to the reception of Hotel Fennada.
  • Share your holiday vibes on Instagram #rautuki and on Facebook on the Rautuki Foundation's website.
  • Use your Epassi benefits.
  • Get to know the Vierumäki area's sports and restaurant offerings in more detail
After the holiday
  • Help us to develop by answering the feedback survey, which you will receive by e-mail after the holiday.
  • Discuss and give tips to the following vacationers on social media.

Activities in Vierumäki

You can find activities in Vierumäki both in summer and winter. Guided exercise classes, nature exercise such as skiing or snowshoeing, as well as versatile sports venues are available. Various restaurants are available for delicious moments, and you can also relax through massage services.

Learn more at and plan your favorite vacation.